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A brave new world misc 12 00 essays

A brave new world misc 12 00 essays An Analysis of a Key Passage in Brave New World The key passage of Aldous Huxleys Brace New World takes place after John has been arrested and is a conversation with Mond. When John and Mond speak of ideal societies, a major part of Brave New World, the aspect of human nature which makes us search continuously for our personal Utopia, becomes apparent. In Monds study, the sacrifices each character makes in order to find a Utopia are interconnected. The search for a personal Utopia reveals Huxleys view on human nature of sacrificing everything to live with self-fulfillment. The connection of the sacrifices each character makes is shown in the study, helping the reader understand that it is human nature to sacrifice something to live a more fulfilling life. One sees that all, except Helmholtz and John, are willing to give up an important part of them so they can feel fulfilled. Mond is willing to sacrifice the one thing dearest to him- science. He says he gave it up in hope of Controllership. He got what he paid for by continuing his interest in science, By choosing to serve happiness. Other peoples-not mine. [235], or by serving stability instead of collapsing the fragile social structure. At the beginning, Bernard was willing to give up his position in the new world so he could further his studies in finding a society more suited to his needs; but, in the end, he did not want to give up his rank and failed in finding an ideal society. It becomes apparent that anyone who will not give up a major part of themself will fail in their quest for a greater society. John is not willing to give up anything, be it antiques to happiness. In the end, however, he ended up making the ultimate sacrifice- his life. By ending his life, he escaped into what his societys religion believed to be a Utopia; it is better known as heaven. Meanwhile, Helmholtz is ...

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Process Reengineering

Process Reengineering Process Reengineering Summary "Beyond Reengineering" is Hammer's preach of the vital importance of an organization's processes to its success. In four sections, Hammer stresses and explains the different aspects in how the organization must focus on their processes in terms of- work, management, enterprise and society. More importantly, how by tending a process-oriented approach, organizations will be able to achieve efficiency, profits and success in like.In the first section of the book, Hammer explains the implications a process-centered organization will have on workers and how important this change is for the whole process. First, Hammer explains the basics of a process-oriented organization and why it is so important. When Hammer states that we take a process perspective in looking at organizations, it means that we do not just see individual tasks in isolation, but the entire collection of tasks that contribute to a desired outcome. Because even if all tasks were perfect, it w ould mean nothing if the processes putting them together is inefficient and failing.Workflow/Business Process Management (BPM) Service...A process is a group of tasks that together create a result of value to a customer. The importance or processes cannot be stressed enough by Hammer, and in order to guide an organization towards the process centering path, he suggested these four steps: 1. recognize and name the company's processes 2. ensure everyone in the organization is aware of these processes and their importance 3. identify the key measures by which each process is to be assessed 4. become serious about process management What this leads to is the change this new process perspective will for the people of the organization. Instead of the previous specialized tasks workers were assigned, they will be challenged with more "professional" work. Hammer calls this "professionalizing its work"- a pre-requisite transition for...

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Legal Studies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Legal Studies - Term Paper Example The act was construed to have said that removal even for a specified period of time was removal and not suspension. The difference in terminology was construed so as to differentiate between suspension and removal as the latter would mean remove and so automatic removal was not possible. This sort of interpretation has been said to be purposive as it looks at the overall effect and tends use aids to interpretation that is dictionaries and other materials so as to differentiate between the meanings of words. (Wesley 1998) The third consideration was avoidance of circularity. The courts stated that the refusal of automatic restoration by the court would avoid circularity but this is was by an action of the court which did not fit in well as it interfered with what had been intended. This consideration dealt with the literal rule as in discussing the straight forward notion and the golden rule whereby the absurdity in result that would be caused was discussed. (Wacks et al 1989) The fourth consideration was that of giving meaning and substance to each provision whereby the true meaning was considered and thus went against automatic removal of consideration. In this situation the court took into account both sides of the argument and determined the result in accordance with the golden rule that is to refrain from reaching an absurd result. (Partington 2010) Finally the consideration of reluctance of the court to find a radical change by way of side-wind was stated. Bokhary PJ looked into the wordings of the statute that is ss.21(1) and 25(3) and the context of two words and their differences were looked into and the courts in confining themselves to the literal approach in this respect rejected the notion that both the wordings were for the same purpose. (Wesley 1998) 2. Bokhary PJ states that these rules complement each other and tends to appreciate the facts that

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You need to choose 2 questions and answer it and each question should Essay

You need to choose 2 questions and answer it and each question should have 2 pages answer - Essay Example This represents a difficult position for the change leader in the fact that the shareholders that they will be integrating with will likely to view an understand the way that the company or firm should proceed in a much different way than the new change leader. Although a difference in perspective is not necessarily a bad thing, it will doubtless be difficult for a new change leader if he/she is faced with a situation in which seniority within the firm becomes a central issue. This of represents a situation in which the â€Å"momentum of the organization† is aligned against that of the change leader. Although this is not an impossible situation to engage with, it puts the change leader in a distinct disadvantage. As a means of drawing such a situation to his/her ultimate benefit, the change leader must first seek to integrate a further and more complete understanding and appreciation for the way in which the firm has operated for the past several years. This is of vital due to the fact that many change leaders are tempted to merely dismiss the way in which shareholders have become accustomed to performing certain tasks out of rather egoistic motives. Whereas the change leader is oftentimes tempted to approach a given situation with the understanding that the old ways are inherently flawed, this is ultimately something that must be guarded against. Though it is oftentimes the case that the old ways are inade34quate for leading with certain eventualities, they are not always all bad and require a thorough review from the change leader prior to outright deciding which particular approach is best for furthering the goals and ends of the given organization. As a function of this level of understanding, one of the primary activities that the change leader should engage upon is a thorough and complete review of all of the ways in which business has been previously conducted. Rather than coming into an organization and demanding that all former culture must be d one away with in order to usher in an era of new dynamics, the change leader should be mindful of whether these former cultures contribute to or take away from the unique motives and activities which he/she wish to promote. All too often the change leader is so focused uon instituting his/her own level of procedures and organization that they lose sight of the fact that some of the prior organizational structure can actually work to achieve a degree of synergy with their own designs. As such, seeking to utilize these means rather than forcibly demanding that the participants outright deny the past means which they both are comfortable with and have grown accustomed to can oftentimes lead to a greater degree of net benefit than demanding otherwise. Question 2) The first issue that must be engaged with regards to question 2 is an appreciation and heartfelt discussion with the employee. As Pat believes that his grievance is of merit, it is incumbent upon the change leader to take his c harge seriously as well as integrate his concern into the change process and consider its overall merit. Regardless of whether or not Pat’s particular point of view is useful in furthering the goals of management, the fact that such a central shareholder in the process believes that the project itself is starting off on the wrong foot and going in the wrong direction is worthy of consideration by the change leader. Likewise, as his point of view represents the fact that the team is in conflict it is the responsibility of the manager to seek to identify with and understand his unique concerns before proceeding on with a particular point of view. Although it is impossible to include each and every point of view

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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper Essay - 3

Problem Formulation and Identification Paper - Essay Example Experts have indicated that problem formulation and identification styles are diverse in terms of their approaches; however, all the styles are similar in terms of five stages, which are problem identification, solutions identification, evaluation stage, prospects of failures, steps for overcoming impediments, and lastly, plan for the implementation of decisions taken in the previous stages. (Mumford, 2006) However, condition assessment, problem analysis, scrutiny of decision, and opportunity analysis are some of major components of the chosen style of Kepner-Tregoe, which distinguished it from other problem identification and formulation styles. In brief, priorities are established and complex situations in an organization are clarified for effective identification of problems in such approach. (Vandenbosch, 2003) Moreover, potential threats are located by extensive examination of business environment, which is one of the key tasks of this style. Subsequently, problematic situations without any reason are identified during problem analysis stage of this style, and different causes of problems are analyzed by considering location, identity, and enormity in the organization that may facilitate in efficient determination of actual causes of the problems, which is one of the significant strengths of this style. Consequently, such style gives utmost significance to purpose behind every decision, which helps in determining possible risks associated with the decision. Balance is maintained during decision analysis in which, positive and negative consequences of a decision are compared by outlining the possible factors. Lastly, effective measures are taken to avoid any problems that are foreseen in previous stage of the problem identification process. (Mumford, 2006) Additionally, different opportunities are identified that can be taken for

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4th Generation Mobile Phones Information Technology Essay

4th Generation Mobile Phones Information Technology Essay ABSTRACT 4G technology is a transition from the earlier technology i.e. 3G technology and it promises to bring some of the revolutionary changes in the mobile world which will be very favorable for the mobile users. Fasters data and IP packet transmissions and a lot of other applications like high quality voice and multimedia in real-time anywhere across the globe are some incontrovertible features of the 4G mobile phones. This switching of the technologies are promised to be accomplished by the end of this commercial year by a number of mobile carriers like VERIZON and ATT. Thus mobile users will be enjoying the best of the mobile phone technology by the end of the year. 4G technology is supposed to be the best because all the flaws that were experienced in the former ones are tried to eliminate in this one to give the best results to the users. FOURTH GENERATION MOBILE PHONES (4G) INTRODUCTION: Since past some decades cell phone world has experienced a considerable amount of transition. This transition initiated from the First generation (1G) mobile phones carried forward by the 2G and 2.5G mobile phones. Nowadays, people are habituated of using the 3G technology. But the technologies and inventions are ever-restless and therefore the cell phone industry is again hopping with a great speed towards the Fourth generation (4G) technology. 4G mobile phone technology is a complete replacement of wireless communication in 3G technology. Like the transition of 2G technology to 3G technology had increased data-transmission speeds, the transition from  3G  technology to 4G technology promises even higher data rates than existed in previous generations and thus considered to be a successor to 2G and 3G standards. 4G promises voice, data and high-quality multimedia in real-time (streamed) form all the time and anywhere (Fendelman, n.d, Para 03). NOMENCLATURE: The fundamental nature of the service is responsible for the typical nomenclature of the cell phone generations. Analogue technology was flipped from first generation to the digital technology in the second generation. Third generation was designed with multimedia support which is now going to flip to the fourth generation where transmission of data and IP packets is faster than the former generations.A 4G system is expected to provide a comprehensive and secure all-IP based solution where facilities such as IP telephony, ultra-broadband Internet access, gaming services and streamed multimedia may be provided to users (4G and Beyond 3G Technology, n.d. Para 05). Thus switching to the 4G is like moving from a dial up internet connection to a cable or DSL which can make all the works done fasters and faster than the previous ones. 4G marks the end of the traditional CDMA/GSM divide (German, 2010 March 15, Para 04). TYPES: There are 2 main types of 4G one of which is the Long-term evolution LTE and the other one is mobile WI-MAX. LTE: A natural extension of the current 3G technology is the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) which is also referred as the pre-4G technology. Transmission of all data including voice takes place as LTE is architectural design that can send all types of IP packets and data. For a 20 MHz channel the downlink transmission bit rate of LTE up to 100 Mbps and 50 Mbps in the uplink and the bit rate capacity increases for a  Multiple-input multiple-output  (MIMO)( 4G and Beyond 3G Technology,n.d. Para 05). According to German (2010, March 15) some of the well-known mobile carriers in United States like VERIZON and ATT and several across the globe would convert their network to LTE and worlds first publicly available LTE-service was opened in the two Scandinavian capitals  Stockholm  and  Oslo  on the 14 December 2009. VERIZON said that LTE testing in Seattle and Boston has gone well and that it will bring the technology to 25 to 30 markets this year (German, 2010 March 15, Para 06).  Acco rding to the VERIZON, downloading speeds of 40Mbps to 50Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps to 25Mbps (German, 2010 March 15, Para 06). However according to Nelson and Pica (2010, March 3) the average speeds will range from 5Mbps to 12Mbps for downloads and 2Mbps to 5Mbps for uploads. In contrast ATT has announced that they will begin LTE testing in this commercial year and launch their network in the upcoming year 2011 (German 2010 March 15, Para 07). LTE is not only being planned to launch by the end of this year in United Stats but also the Telco Mobile One (M1) in Singapore conducted a demo of LTE technical trial. Also NTT Do Como will the first to introduce LTE in Japan this year itself. WI-MAX: WI-MAX is elaborated as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, and unlike LTE it is not an extension of current cellular system rather its more related to current Wi-Fi technology. The initial version for mobile use is based on the 802.16e wireless standard (Wi-Fi is 802.110) (German, 2010 March 15, Para 11). It has potential for very long range transmission (up to 30 miles) and could offer speeds of about 10Mbps (German, 2010 March 15, Para 11).   Where all the majority mobile carriers are interested in using the LTE the only US carrier to adopt the Wi-max technology is SPRINT. SPRINT has a Wi-max network in 27 cities and shows potential average speeds of 3Mbps to 6Mbps with maximum speed up to 10Mbps. FEATURES: The 4G standards were thought to be introduced in order to facilitate users by some of the most incredible features that includes providing flexible channel bandwidth between 5MHz to 20MHz to a maximum extent up to 40 MHz. Also a data rate of at least 100Mbps between any two locations across the globe. It also promises to provide a maximum Link spectral efficiency in downlink up to 15bit/s/Hz and 6.75bit/s/Hz in uplink which means 1000Mbps in downlink should be possible over less than 67 MHz bandwidth. Furthermore the system spectral efficiency for downlink of 3bit/s/Hz/cell and for uplink it is 2.25 bit/s/Hz/cell. Ultimately 4G has all the flaws recovered that were noticeably found in the former standards. SPECIFICATION: ACCESS TECHNIQUES: 4G exhibited increase in efficiency and ability in terms of the access techniques used for it. Plain TDMA i.e. Time division multiple access and FDMA i.e. Frequency division multiple access were used in he 1G technology. But TDMA is less efficient as it is unable to handle high data rate channels. This is because TDMA requires large guard periods to improve the multipath impact. Similarly there were problems with FDMA as it used more bandwidth to avoid inter-carrier interferences. Thus to overcome these problems in the 2G technology one set along with the combination of TDMA and FDMA other set of access scheme was introduced which is known as the CDMA i.e. Carrier division multiple access. Thereby the system capacity was increased but as a drawback placed a soft limit on it rather than the hard limit (i.e. a CDMA network will not reject new clients when it approaches its limits, resulting in a denial of service to all clients when the network overloads) (Rumney M, 2008). Data rate is increased as this access technique is able to manage multiple path channel. This enabled the third generation systems, such as  IS-2000,  UMTS,  HSXPA,  1xEV-DO,  TD-CDMA  and TD-SCDMA, to use CDMA as the access scheme(Rumney M, 2008). Although CDMA technique seems to be good so far yet it suffers from poor spectral flexibility and computationally intensive time domain equalization for wideband channels. More importance is given to the OFDMA i.e.Orthogonal FDMA, IFDMA i.e. Interleaved FDMA, SFDMA i.e. Single carrier FDMA and MFDMA i.e.Multicarrier FDMA because of the troubles in the traditional FDMA, TDMA and CDMA. The later used access schemes are based on efficient FFT (Fast fourier transform) algorithm and frequency domain equalization which would result in lower number of multiplications/s. Also bandwidth can be controlled and a spectrum can be formed in a flexible way. IPv6 SUPPORT: Circuit switched and packet switched networks are the base of the infrastructure of the 3G where as 4G will be based on packet switching only which would require low latency data transmission. Till the time when 4G will be introduced in the market and be a most used device the process of IPv4 address will be exhausted as a result a new version will be essential so that more wireless enabled devices can be supported. So IPv6 is be used to accomplish this task. By increasing the number of  IP addresses, IPv6 removes the need for  Network Address Translation  (NAT), a method of sharing a limited number of addresses among a larger group of devices, although NAT will still be required to communicate with devices that are on existing  IPv4  networks (Morr, D 2009). SOFTWARE-DESIGN RATIO (SDR): SDR  is one form of open wireless architecture (OWA) (Rumney, 2008). The final version out in the market of the 4G device will be a perfect combination of the former standards. This can be realized efficiently using SDR technology, which is categorized to the area of the radio convergence (Rumney, 2008). INDISTINGUISHABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The 4G iphone which is going to be launched as soon as possible is promised to multitasking which allows accomplishing one of more iphone applications at the same time and also lets to continue the applications running in the background even if the user makes or takes a call. Verizon is launching the 4G phone six months before the expectation because of some of the incontrovertible features of 4G that lures world towards itself. HTC HD3 and HTC HD2 are going to be 4G phones. CONCLUSION: Last but not the least the advancement in technology i.e. transition from the current 3G and 2.5G to 4G will make a drastic change in context of data transmissions which will be able to carried in some fraction of seconds. It will be definitely proved very helpful to the future generations. REFRENCES: Open wireless open mobile. (n.d.) Retrieved from Fendelman, A. (n.d.) Retrieved from    Choney, S. (2008, April 15) Retrieved from 4G Phones (n.d.) Retrieved from German, K (2010, March 15) Retrieved from,39050603,62061890,00.htm Att (2010, February 18) Retrieved from Pica, T Nelson, J (2010, March 8) Retrieved from Koh, D (2010, March 3) Retrieved from 4G. Retrieved from 4G and Beyond 3G Technology (n.d.) Retrieved from

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Asthma Essay -- essays research papers

Asthma is a condition of the bronchial tubes characterized by episodes of constriction and increased mucous production. A person with asthma has bronchial tubes that are super sensitive to various stimuli, or triggers, that can produce asthma symptom.In other words, asthmatics have special sensitivity that causes their lung tissue to react far more than is should to various stimulating factors or triggers. For this reason, people with asthma are said to have "twitchy airways."Some symptoms that people with asthma commonly experience are chest tightenings, difficulty inhaling and exhaling, wheezing, production of large amounts of mucous in their windpipes and coughing.Coughing can be frequent or intermittent, and can be loose-reflecting extra mucous secretion in the airways or dry and deep-reflecting tight bronchospasms. Not all these symptoms occur in every case of asthma.Sometimes people may have coughing without and symptoms for months or even years before it's realized that they are asthmatic. Interestingly enough, asthma symptoms are most severe at night, while we're lying down our airways narrow as a result of gravity changes. Also our lungs do not clear secretions as well at night, which leads to mucous retention, and that can increase the obstruction to air flow. Furthermore, at night our bodies produce smaller amounts of certain chemical that help to decrease airway spasms and keep airway tubes open. All of these factors add up to a greater chance of symp...

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Obsessive love in Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is portrayed as a naive and heartbroken man who will do anything to revive his relationship with the love of his life; even if it means reliving the past. Gatsby is a victim to temptation, manipulation, society and obsessive love. However it is because of this obsessive and incessant love that the rest of his problems unfold. He is so blinded and determined to gain the approval of his former lover, he allows himself to be made a mockery by society. It is made clear that Gatsby moved to West Egg for the sole reason that the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, lives with her husband Tom in a house within sight of Gatsbys mansion. I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some nightbut she never did (Fitzgerald.4.84). As Daisys friend Jordan explains the situation to the narrator and Daisys cousin, Nick Carraway, she notes that although Gatsby threw countless parties that were no interest of him in hopes that Daisy would one day stumble in, she was clueless to how very close Jay Gatsby was to her. Gatsby lacked the courage to approach Daisy, even though he worked his life around his dream of seeing her again. Gatsby was referred to by the socialites as new money. Living in West Egg was less respectable then living in East Egg. The social structure was not of much concern to Gatsby and he paid little attention to etiquette or class. His obsession with Daisy took top priority, and while his intentions were sincere, Gatsby put himself in positions to be made a fool. My God, I believe the mans comingDoesnt he know she doesnt want him?(Fitzgerald.6.109). When invited by the Sloanes, a wealthy couple from East Egg, to eat dinner with them, Gatsby innocently accepts, not realizing it was merely a formality. His pure love for Daisy shows through in all aspects of his life, affecting his judgment and ability to see through those with less than genuine intentions. One of the main themes throughout The Great Gatsby is Gatsbys attempt to turn back time and relive what he had in the past with Daisy. Cant repeat the pastwhy of course you can!(Fitzgerald.6.116). It is clear that the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy remains only in the past, and it is  apparent to all but the two that their relationship ended many years ago. Since the five years they last saw each other, Daisy moved on with her life; although neither she nor Gatsby are willing to admit to it. Gatsbys love for Daisy affects every aspect of his life, and when he is finally able to reunite with her, it is hard to believe that nothing has changed in their relationship. Almost five years! There must have been momentswhen Daisy tumbled short of his dreamsbecause of the colossal vitality of his illusionNo amount of freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart(Fitzgerald.5.101). Nick cannot imagine that Daisy could possibly live up to the goddess-like vision Gatsby has stored up and embellished on for five years. However, once again blinded by love, he ignores Daisys flaws, and attempts to rekindle their former life. Gatsby is aware that Daisy is a very superficial woman and he knows the only way he could possibly have her love is through wealth and status. Gatsby turns to shady and possibly illegal means to attain the money that he knows will win Daisy over. His obsessive love is his chief vice that causes all his others. Her voice is full of money (Fitzgerald.7.127). Gatsby doesnt see Daisy as shallow or consider her a gold digger, he thinks it is he who must progress and become wealthy in order to satisfy her lavish lifestyle. After a confrontation with Daisys husband, Tom, Gatsby expects nothing less of Daisy than for her to tell Tom that she never loved him. He couldnt possibly leave Daisy until he knew what she was going to do. He was clutching at some last hope and I couldnt bear to shake him free (Fitzgerald.8.155). Gatsby refuses to give up his dream that Daisy will leave everything behind to live with him and start their life together. Until he hears it from Daisys mouth, and maybe even after that, Gatsby will always have faith that she will come back to him. Much of this false hope can be attributed to Daisy and her manipulation, which leads Gatsby to think that he may get his wish. Nick was forced to watch every encounter between Daisy and Gatsby, and witness Daisy lead Gatsby into thinking she would leave her husband for him.  Nick knows that nothing anyone can say could change how Gatsby feels about Daisy and stop him from trying to win her over. And he stood on those steps, concealing his incorruptible dream (Fitzgerald.8.162). Gatsbys intentions with Daisy were nothing but pure and his dream in life was for her to return his love that he liked to believe existed. Gatsby was aware that his friends used him and until Nick came along, there may not have been a soul who truly cared for him. He made a fool of himself in society, but he is not concerned in the least. Gatsby had a dream and nothing could deter him from achieving it. His obsessive love for Daisy caused many problems in his life, and eventually lead to his death. However, Gatsby would most likely take this punishment in return for the time he was finally able to spend with his one true love. Works Cited: Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Macmillan Publishing Company. New York. 1992.

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The Lowell Mill Girls in the 19th Century

The Lowell Mill Girls in the 19th Century The Lowell Mill Girls were female workers in early 19th century America, young women employed in an innovative system of labor in textile mills centered in Lowell, Massachusetts. The employment of women in a factory was  novel to the point of being revolutionary. And the system of labor in the Lowell mills became widely admired because the young women were housed in an environment which was not only safe but reputed to be culturally advantageous. The young women were encouraged to engage in educational pursuits while not working, and they even contributed articles to a magazine, the Lowell Offering.   The Lowell System of Labor Employed Young Women Francis Cabot Lowell founded the Boston Manufacturing Company, prompted by the increased demand for cloth during the War of 1812. Utilizing the latest technology, he built a factory in Massachusetts which used water power to run machines that processed raw cotton into finished fabric. The factory needed workers, and Lowell wanted to avoid using child labor, which was commonly used in fabric mills in England. The workers did not need to be physically strong, as the work was not strenuous. However, the workers had to be fairly intelligent to master the complicated machinery. The solution was to hire young women. In New England, there were a number of girls who had some education, in that they could read and write. And working in the textile mill seemed like a step up from working on the family farm. Working at a job and earning wages was an innovation in the early decades of the 19th century, when many Americans still worked on family farms or at small family businesses. And for young women at the time, it was considered a great adventure to be able to assert some independence from their families. The company set up boardinghouses to provide safe places for the women employees to live, and also imposed a strict moral code. Instead of it being thought scandalous for women to work in a factory, the mill girls were actually considered respectable. Lowell Became the Center of Industry Francis Cabot Lowell, the founder of the Boston Manufacturing Company, died in 1817. But his colleagues continued the company  and built a larger and improved mill along the Merrimack River in a town which they renamed in Lowells honor. In the 1820s and 1830s, Lowell and its mill girls became fairly famous. In 1834, faced with increased competition in the textile business, the mill cut the workers wages, and the workers responded by forming the Factory Girls Association, an early labor union. The efforts at organized labor were not successful, however. In the late 1830s, the housing rates for the female mill workers were raised, and they attempted to hold a strike, but it did not succeed. They were back on the job within weeks. Mill Girls and Their Cultural Programs Were Famous The mill girls became known for engaging in cultural programs centered around their boardinghouses. The young women tended to read, and discussions of books were a common pursuit. The women also began publishing their own magazine, the Lowell Magazine.  The magazine was published from 1840 to 1845, and sold for six cents a copy. The content poems and autobiographical sketches, which were usually published anonymously, or with the authors identified solely by their initials. The mill owners essentially controlled what appeared in the magazine, so the articles tended to be a positive nature. Yet the magazines very existence was seen as evidence of a positive work environment.   When Charles Dickens, the great Victorian novelist, visited the United States in 1842, he was taken to Lowell to see the factory system. Dickens, who had seen the horrible conditions of British factories up close, was very impressed at the conditions of the mills in Lowell. He was also impressed by the publication issued by the mill workers. The Lowell Offering ceased publication in 1845, when tensions between the workers and the mill owners increased. Over the last year of publication the magazine had published material that was not entirely positive, such as an article which pointed out that loud machinery in the mills could damage a workers hearing. When the magazine promoted the cause of a workday shortened to ten hours, tensions between workers and management became inflamed and the magazine was shut down. Immigration Brought the End of the Lowell System of Labor In the mid-1840s, the Lowell workers organized the Female Labor Reform Association, which tried to bargain for improved wages. But the Lowell System of Labor was essentially undone by increased immigration to the United States. Instead of hiring local New England girls to work in the mills, the factory owners discovered they would hire newly arrived immigrants. The immigrants, many of whom had come from Ireland, fleeing the Great Famine, were content to find any work at all, even for relatively low wages.

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Desperate essays

Desperate essays An Oriental rug magazine. From the first issue, a tabloid published in March 1981, through a transition to a full-color magazine in 1987, collectors and dealers with a serious interest in Oriental rugs and textiles have turned to Oriental Rug Review for auction reports, international market reports, book reviews, exhibition reviews, interviews, humor, and a wide range of feature articles, both scholarly and anecdotal. Publication of Oriental Rug Review as a print journal ceased in early 1996, and the transition to this virtual journal began. It is our goal to publish, here, nearly everything we have published before and more. In addition, we will provide searchable indexes and, from time to time, mount major exhibitions. As we were once the journal of record, this will be the home page of record for the world of antique oriental rugs. An Oriental rug magazine. From the first issue, a tabloid published in March 1981, through a transition to a full-color magazine in 1987, collectors and dealers with a serious interest in Oriental rugs and textiles have turned to Oriental Rug Review for auction reports, international market reports, book reviews, exhibition reviews, interviews, humor, and a wide range of feature articles, both scholarly and anecdotal. Publication of Oriental Rug Review as a print journal ceased in early 1996, and the transition to this virtual journal began. It is our goal to publish, here, nearly everything we have published before and more. In addition, we will provide searchable indexes and, from time to time, mount major exhibitions. As we were once the journal of record, this will be the home page of record for the world of antique oriental rugs. I'm desperate and desperately in a hurry ...

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From a decision making point of view, why are some costs relevant and Essay

From a decision making point of view, why are some costs relevant and others irrelevant Give a detailed example of each - Essay Example Overlooking the irrelevant data in the assessment process moreover would greatly benefit the company in saving time and effort (Averkamp 2012, p.1). For relevant costs, a company could for example be deciding whether to remove a product line or not. This product line could be accounting for about 4% of this firm’s activities. If the company eliminates this product line, the corporation officers will continuously receive similar salaries as before such that the expenses for the central office will not change. Product line managers plus others staffs working directly with this product line however will receive a termination thus eliminating their salaries. According to Averkamp (2012, p.1), such eliminated salaries for individuals who worked directly with the direct line will be relevant in the decision-making process. If the salaries were $700000 when the product line was operational and $0 in its absence, the $700000 savings is therefore relevant (i.e. relevant cost). Considering this same product line scenario, salaries linked to the officers are not relevant for decision-making. This means that whether the salaries amounts to $500,000 or $5, 000,000, they will remain irrelevant. The salaries will be similar in the presence or absence of the product line. Averkamp (2012, p.1) noted that a decision-maker will need not know the expenses of the central office because they will be constant in the presence or absence of the product line. Previous year’s expenses will similarly remain

Friday, November 1, 2019

Importance of Building a Brand for Kellogg Essay

Importance of Building a Brand for Kellogg - Essay Example In the Kellogg’s Case Study, an extensive evaluation of the brand building Kellogg is carried out. It deals with the question whether Kellogg is able to sustain its product lifecycle which is of great significance. Whilst building a brand for a product, it is equally important to consider whether it is possible to capture the market and profitability. For this, it is necessary to implement appropriate major strategic matters related to marketing. Kellogg’s All Bran Brand has been a leading brand in the fiber sector of the cereal market for a long period of time. Kellogg, a leading company in the global market, produces cereal products and other food items like snacks, pastries, cookies etc. One of the main features of Kellogg’s products is that the company offers goods marked for taste and quality. Among its number of brands, All-Bran brand of Kellogg Company holds a considerable position in the market avenues. This is mainly for the reason that the brand offers more nutritious products than the other brands. An effective implementation of both financing and marketing sectors is decisive for this brand building of All-Bran banner. In addition to this, it also requires consumer perception of the changes made by Kellogg Company. The brand image of Kellogg’s All-Bran is outstanding as compared to other high fiber brands made by Kellogg. So, in order to attain an overall development of all brands, Kellogg gas decided to merge all other brands with the master brand of Kellogg Company. As we take in to account the running style of the Kellogg Company, we find that it is necessary to evaluate the product life cycle of All-Bran product in order to improve its existing strategic plans. Effective implementation of marketing strategies is essential in the accomplishment of goals set by the entity. The success of any product and its marketing is highly related to its brand image. â€Å"Consumers very often do not use explicit, concrete, rational factors to evaluate products, and thus their motivation to purchase is not always easy to articulate.†Ã‚